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Ultimate Long Life Screws

ULTIMATE® features:
  • Low Profile, self-cleaning head design
  • Lifetime warranty against red rust on the UltiMate® head
  • Cast zinc head (not capped) prevents head failure during installation; provides excellent surface paint adhesion
  • Special undercut entraps sealing washer, even when driven at extreme angles
  • EPDM sealing washer assures waterproof seal, even under harsh conditions
  • EPDM sealing washer is non-conductive minimizing "Halo" corrosion effect.
  • Indented hex head design insures a snug socket fit on the bearing surface, allowing fastener to be driven perpendicular to the panel for fast, easy installation.
  • Carbon steel shank with a .0003 minimum mechanical zinc plating
  • Available in a TYPE AB or Self Drilling Point or Woodtite™
Ultimate® Head Advantages:
  • Self-cleaning fastener Head
  • Tubular washer protects and seals fastener head
  • Zamac-5 Zinc fastener head die cast to carbon shank with no voids
  • Zamac-5 Zinc fastener head guaranteed not to red rust for life of building